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Wedding Décors of Ritu & Sumit’s Wedding

The celebration of Ritu and Sumit’s marriage was no ordinary affair. Curio partnered with the Terrace Banquet Centre in Vaughan to photograph the lavishly decorated Indian-Sri Lankan wedding banquet.

The entire hall was transformed into a Middle Eastern palace, adorned with purples, pinks, and gold – symbols for passion and royalty. The venue was decorated to the very last detail with chairs wrapped in white silk to the purple lighting and gold decorations. There was no doubt that the central focus of the hall was on the stunning mandap set in front of the open dance floor. The mandap’s large, golden, and ornamented frame gave the sense of regality, in addition to the silk curtains and plush pillows. Ritu and Sumit’s wedding celebration was breathtakingly beautiful and was definitely one that left guests speechless.








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