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Elvia & Derek’s Wedding

Back in May, Curio Studios celebrated the first wedding of the 2017 season with the marriage of Elvia and Derek.

Much like the summer weather we’ve been receiving this year, it was a rainy day although many consider it to be good luck and symbolic of fertility and cleansing. I thought the rain added a dreamy, atmospheric quality to the wedding, especially to the photographs!

The bridal party got ready at the shimmering Markham Hilton Hotel, which is adorned with a teal and rose-tinted mirrored exterior. While the ladies changed from their silk kimonos to their gowns, the groomsmen played hilarious door games with one another before seeing the bride. As it was drizzling throughout the day, most of the photographs were taken indoors. I had Elvia and Derek pose in the beautiful modern space of the newly-built bridge at the Hilton, which connected the new parts of the building to the old.

Once everyone was ready, we headed over to the reception hall, Universal, for a couple more photoshoots. Since Universal is a relatively new event space located in Vaughan, their innovative and unique hall had hardly been photographed yet, so it was a great setting for our photoshoot.

One of the many highlights of the reception was Derek and Elvia’s first dance, which was sung by her bridesmaid, Jane Lu, who is an especially talented and professional singer and MC. It was incredibly touching and heartfelt to see Jane perform the song as a gift for the couple.

As the celebrations came to a close, I captured a series of dramatic night shots out in the misting rain with Elvia and Derek. These magical shots harmonized with the theme of the day and was the perfect ending to the evening.

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