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Gigi and John’s Engagement

The Cheltenham Badlands and the Forks of Credit National Park had the pleasure of hosting John and Gigi’s engagement shoot.

Curio Studios shot the happy couple’s adventurous engagement shoot and visited both locations since they were fairly close to one another. In great contrast to the Badlands, Forks of Credit Park was the total opposite; it had fields and fields covered in small green plants. Luckily, we visited the sites on a weekday and as a result there was nobody else there to compete with us for the space.

Both Gigi and John are church friends of our photographer, Clifton Li and having personally known the couple for an extended period of time, it always makes it easier to communicate. The engagement shoot was extremely fun and entertaining because Gigi is a very active person. They love to make funny faces and just be silly in general which is another reason why shooting with them was a wonderful experience all around.

Since the locations were more than 50 km from the studio, it was considered an adventurous engagement shoot and we spent a total of 8 hours with the couple (including travelling).














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