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The unbelievably stunning celebration of Kristie and Luis’s wedding took place at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The hotel is a significant landmark for Toronto, not only because of its exquisite interior but also of its presence in the city for more than fifty years. The history of the structure dates back to the mid-1800s and has since been featured in countless films on the silver screen.

Weddings in and of themselves are already enchanting affairs, but having the celebration take place at The Royal York undoubtedly enhances that sense of magic because of the hotel’s rich history. Kristie’s interest in vintage fashion led her to select an authentic vintage wedding gown for her special day (a surprise for Luis). The gown complimented the venue and the simplicity of its design photographed brilliantly because it contrasted nicely with the extravagant hotel interiors.

The Royal York has preserved its traditional aesthetics yet it has also evolved with the times. The hotel also has a rooftop which offers a gorgeous view of the city (it is also where their bee farm is located). We were lucky that the bees were behaving that day and managed to capture some great outdoor shots!

Since both the ceremony and reception was held at the grand hotel, Curio’s photographers were able to focus more time on photographing absolutely everything. It was such a pleasure and a privilege to photograph Kristie and Luis’s wedding, congratulations again!

















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Aman and Muneet’s picturesque wedding reception was held at The Royal Ambassador. The venue featured acres and acres of green fields and an enormous glistening lake, creating the perfect backdrop for the wedding theme.

The reception was a modern and fresh take on the classic Indian wedding, yet it still highlighted some traditional aesthetics. The entire hall was lavishly decorated in a tropical jungle theme, with wood accents, purple orchids, and royal purple lighting. Each table was adorned with a bouquet centerpiece consisting of colourful flowers and lush dark green leaves. The couple invited A2D2, an aerial dance cirque company, to perform a number during the reception. Their incredible routine was extremely entertaining and helped to give the guests the illusion of being in the tropical jungle. Aman and Muneet’s celebration was unique to say the least and the rainforest theme gave an unconventional yet definite sense of romance.
















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Curio Studios is extremely thrilled to introduce our first wedding album! The albums are gorgeously designed and printed by Album Epoca to provide our clients with a piece of family history they will cherish for a lifetime. Each album is handmade in Italy with spectacular craftsmanship and as a result, spectacular quality.

Album Epoca offers a variety of cover options giving your album the chance to stand apart from the next. For this particular wedding album, the cover’s wood grain finish was thoughtfully chosen to compliment the predominantly rustic theme within Stacey and Adam’s wedding. The photographs are printed onto fine, heavy weight metallic paper, which not only maintains the stunning colour but also adds depth to the images, especially to the faces of your loved ones. The album is created in such a way that when the spreads are opened for viewing, the thick pages lay flat, leaving nothing hidden in the spine.

Each album comes encased in a box and a silk pouch, making it the perfect piece to commemorate your wedding for years to come and a timeless family heirloom.















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